Sponsors & Supporters

A big thank you to those that support my daily training, racing, and dream-chasing!

QT2 SystemsRed_Logo+Star – Coaching & Team

After completing my first season of triathlon, I looked to find a coach and team that could help me take my training and racing to the next level.    I chose QT2 because of their comprehensive training plans that cover all aspects of training, racing, nutrition, mental fitness, and recovery.   Tim and Jesse have gone above and beyond my expectations with their commitment and dedication to all of their athletes.  With their experience and open communication, they have helped me identify and work on my limiters, and focus on a long term plan to reach my full potential as an athlete.    I also love the team aspect of QT2 – although we all live in different areas and mostly train on our own, there is a strong camaraderie and support.    Being part of the QT2 team has allowed me to meet so many awesome people, and gain tons of knowledge and experience from being a part of such a talented group of athletes.

Ambassador SquareBic Bands – Headbands

I am thrilled to have been chosen as an ambassador for Bic Bands for 2014!  I’ve been wearing Bic Bands since I spotted them at a marathon expo years ago.  Though there are a number of companies that make non-slip headbands now, Bic Bands has such a wide variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, and they never move from your head.  Even more importantly, Bic Bands is dedicated to giving back - each month, they donate from the sale of every band to a different charity.

Head on over to BicBands.com and enter the coupon code KaitlinBIC at checkout for 10% off your order!


QT2 Team Sponsors

Qunitana RooFast SplitsNormatecRudy ProjectBlue SeventyPowerbarpearl-izumiBe Well BostonNuun

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